October 24, 2018



Since September sugars are out from the diet … go ahead with sugar on the skin, with the new Biancamore Scrub with buffalo milk and sugar! A new product dedicated to the wellness of the skin without parabens, nikel tested and rich in natural elements. Ideal for all skin types, our new Scrub combines the gentle hydration of buffalo milk with the exfoliating power of sugar. The result is a delicate and at the same time effective treatment, able to purify and moisturize the skin … the essential ally to leave behind impurities and prepare for autumn! In fact, our scrub is ideal for:

  1. Purify the skin

Sugar granules are particularly suitable for removing dead cells and impurities that accumulate on the skin, while its compounds nourish and revitalize it. By purifying the pores with its antiseptic action (cleans and kills bacteria), it is able to counteract the formation of small pimples and protect the skin.

  1. Eliminate the dead tan skin

Scrub is the most effective method for eliminating the dead skin of tanning and avoiding the unsightly and annoying effect of peeling. Use our scrub with buffalo milk and sugar frequently, intensifying the action with a loofa sponge or a horsehair glove and, after the shower, remember to nourish the skin with Biancamore’s Buffalo Milk Body Cream. Your skin will return smooth and even!

  1. Nourish and hydrate

Milk and sugar: this is the perfect combination for a very soft skin! In fact, sugar contains glycolic acid which is a natural exfoliant and is a perfect moisturizer for the skin as it captures the moisture from the outside and retains it. The plus? Buffalo milk, which deeply moisturizes and promotes the restoration of the skin’s hydrolipic mantle thanks to natural moisturizing factors that prevent the loss of water.

  1. Make the skin brighter

Purifies, moisturizes … and makes your skin brighter! Thanks to the fatty acids contained in the sugar and to those polyglycerides made from the buffalo milk, our new scrub is able to invigorate the skin and illuminate it in a completely natural way!

  1. Eliminate tanning discolorations and residues

It is natural that in some parts of the body more dead cells can accumulate than others, causing more or less evident discoloration. The buffalo milk and sugar scrub, purifying in depth, makes the color more homogeneous, both during the hottest periods, when the sun’s rays strike the skin even without voluntary exposure, and during autumn and winter!

6. Has a multi-sensorial effect

Taking care of your skin also means regaining the natural balance between mind and body. Our new Scrub has a light and relaxing fragrance and a soft and stimulating texture: thanks to the granules of sugar, it reactivates the circulation and makes exfoliation really pleasant!

Our advice? Try it on wet skin and insist on the parts of the body that most need purification and hydration (such as elbows, knees and areas where the discolorations are more evident). Once used, you can not help but include it in all your wellness rituals!  You can try and buy our Buffalo Milk and Sugar Scrub at our Casa Biancamore Store in Paestum and … also here!!



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