October 24, 2018



With Biancamore, the ancient remedies come alive thanks to constant innovation and our concept of well-being that has led to the creation of new skin care lines, naturally moisturizing and suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Like the new Body Cream with Buffalo Milk and Organic Olive Oil: a fresh and light texture, a cream that combines the hydrating power of lactobionic acid present in buffalo milk with the numerous properties of organic olive oil.  You know everything about the moisturizing effects of lactobionic acid, but what are the benefits of the olive oil associated with buffalo milk and why did we choose it for our new products? First of all because …

  1. … millennia of tests prove that it is really effective!

Exactly: millennia! Already the Greeks and Romans used olive oil as a precious ally for the beauty of the skin. Famous for the care of the body, also the citizens of the ancient Paestum benefited from the olive trees of the territory for their natural preparations. Passed down from generation to generation, these ancient remedies have survived over time and prove that from nature we can really extract the ideal substances for a perfect skin! In short, if it is true that we were not the first to test the olive oil on the skin … it is equally true that we are the only ones to combine it with the buffalo milk for a super moisturizing effect!

  1. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties

Just like buffalo milk, olive oil is an exceptional natural cosmetic for the skin, thanks to its high levels of polyphenols, vitamin E and phytosterols that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, it protects damaged skin and increases the capacity of water retention of the skin, leaving it naturally hydrated.

  1. It is a natural antibacterial

One of the lesser known benefits of olive oil is to help fight small skin infections and pimples caused by irritation. That’s why our Buffalo milk and Organic Olive oil Body Cream is also indicated for irritated and reddened skin: it protects cell membranes and, thanks to its strongly moisturizing power, is able to bring the tissues back to their natural physiological state.

  1. It’s the perfect anti-age!

Polyphenols and vitamin E contained in olive oil help to reunite and neutralize free radicals that damage the skin and cause aging. In combination with vitamin A and lactobionic acid, they stimulate cell regeneration and give elasticity to the skin by fighting wrinkles, stretch marks and small imperfections such as dark spots caused by the sun. A natural anti-aging effect … without the addition of petrolatum and parabens!

  1. Naturally hydrated

In our innovative body cream, the benefits of fatty acids contained in organic olive oil (phytosterols and linolene) are added to those contained in buffalo milk (polyglycerides). The result is a highly emollient and protective action, able to nourish the skin giving it softness and elasticity.

An additional plus? The Milk Buffalo and Organic Olive Oil Body Cream has an innovative bottle that ensures the right dosage and storage of the product in an optimal state even after opening. Soon it will be available on our site, in the meantime … try it at Casa Biancamore in Paestum or buy it here!




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