June 12, 2019

How to turn the complicated relationship with the sun into a true love story, in 5 steps


If each summer your skin turns from pale beige to fiery red and then slightly colored a moment before wearing the jacket again in October, it’s time to put aside all the wrongs suffered and…learn more about the sun!

The first thing you need to know is the brutal truth: the sun is like a very nice but intrusive friend. We love his company, but if we exaggerate we can hurt ourselves and bear the scars on the skin, in literally. To have a healthy relationship with him, you have to discover yourself little by little, give him the right spaces, set timetables in which it can be good to spend time together and get the best out of it without letting you … burn yourself! How to get out of the comfort zone of the umbrella and protect yourself from the disappointments of exposure to the sun? Here are 5 practical tips that will help you get a great and natural tan, protecting yourself from disappointment and turning the complicated relationship with the sun into a true love story.

1. Purify the skin   

A perfect tan starts several days before you go out in the sun, wear a costume and prepare a bag for the sea. More precisely, start in the shower … with the right scrub!

Purifying the skin, eliminating dead cells and allowing the skin to renew itself is the first step in preparing the skin for tanning.   

The ideal Scrub? Biancamore sugar and buffalo milk scrub: so delicate that it can be used by all types of skin even once a week, it combines the antibacterial action of sugar with the hyper-moisturizing action of buffalo milk, purifying and nourishing the skin in a single gesture.    

If you have already planned your weekend at sea, you can scrub a few days before: just cleanse your skin, massage the scrub all over your body, insisting on the most difficult areas like elbows, knees and heels, cleanse with Milk Body Cleanser buffalo Biancamore and apply a nourishing body cream.  

Remember to use the scrub on a frequent basis: by removing the dead cells, it will allow the skin to fix the tan and to obtain a decidedly more uniform color!


2. Use adequate sun protection

How many times have you heard it? This is the mantra of summer: protect yourself from ultraviolet rays! Not using a sunscreen will not make you tan any longer, on the contrary: you could burn yourself, damage your skin and still have to wait for sun exposure.

To have a healthy relationship with the sun, you must know your skin first. If you are as white as our beloved buffalo milk, do not expose yourself to the sun by using a cream with a 6SPF and then blame him if you burn. So: choose the protection that’s right for you and, if in doubt, use the one with the highest SPF. Also, you should apply sunscreen:

  • before leaving home, to allow the skin to absorb itafter each bath
  • Even if you go to the sea early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

And if you’ve found the tanning lotion from last year … immediately throw it away and buy a new one! Sunscreens lose their effectiveness after 6 months, another reason why it is better to use them in abundance every summer!


3. Protect face and lips

Even if you have no particular problems related to facial skin, we recommend to:   

  • apply a specific sunscreen to the face in order to avoid the appearance of sun spots
  • always wear sunglasses to protect the eye area.

A little trick? Use a lip balm with sunscreen, such as Biancamore buffalo milk lip balm with SPF 10. As well as protecting your lips from the sun, it moisturizes and strengthens them … making them perfect for evening make-up!


4. Schedule hair epilation


Remember to schedule hair removal at least 24 hours before sun exposure as the tear makes the skin sensitive and delicate.  


5. Drink, move, enjoy the day!


Ok, these are so many tips all in one, but you can loop them and move the day at sea!

  • To keep the skin hydrated even under the sun, after each bath, wash off the salt from the body with a fresh shower and then apply the sunscreen again
  • Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated
  • Even if you’re relaxing in the sun, often changes position to tan every part of the body.

And if you really want to sleep, do it under the umbrella and … away from the children!  

Love at first exposure

The relationship with the sun can be complicated but, like all love stories, just start with the right solar base, respect your skin to avoid damaging it and … live tanned and happily everafter!


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