November 7, 2019

10 good habits for a perfect skin


A perfect skin, without irritation and naturally bright is everyone’s dream. Because, in spite of all the tutorials, there is no make up or contouring that can replace the beauty of a clean face … even naturally!  

If you’re wondering how to get it, we have two news for you. The first is bad: no single product will be able to transform your current skin into what you dream of. The good? That in-depth knowledge of your skin, a series of healthy habits and a little patience can make the difference and make you find the right skincare routine for you! Here are 10 good habits that help make your skin naturally clean and radiant!

1. First of all, identify your skin type    

Expensive creams in the morning and in the evening, masks and peelings, scrubs and oils: do you use a thousand products and your skin is never at the top? The reason is that, perhaps, you are not using the right products for you. Each of us has a unique skin, which means that there is no routine skincare that works for everyone.  

Like all the great dogmas of life, even the one concerning the products to be used is resolved starting from the base: is your skin fat, dry, dehydrated or mixed? Before giving yourself an answer – in most cases, wrong – ask a dermatologist for a consultation! In this way, you can identify the products and habits that are best suited to you.

2. Remove make up. Always.  

Even if you came back late. Even if you are away from home. Even if you are dying to sleep in your arms … before closing your eyes, remove all make-up! The key to keeping your skin young is to remove make-up every night before going to sleep.  

What happens if you sleep with makeup? The pores become clogged, causing pimples and irritation. Plus, by transferring the makeup onto the pillow, you’ll end up resting your face on a dirty surface all night long. Nightly. If it is true that you would never go to sleep without brushing your teeth, why should you do it without having eliminated foundation and eye shadow?

3. Use a cocoa butter with sunscreen, even in winter  

Taking care of the face also means taking care of the lips. Much of the skin aging is caused by the sun and the reason is that, faced with a cloudy day, we believe that there are not even sunlight. Instead the sun exists for everyone (Tiziano Ferro docet) and, above all, every day kisses our face with UV rays!  

The solution to keep your lips moisturized and protected even in winter? Biancamore cocoa butter with buffalo milk with sun protection 15. Also try it on the lipstick … if you feel your lips too dry, it will hydrate them without drooling!

4. Don’t pinch the skin  

Pinching the skin repeatedly can be a sign of a stressful period, but it is necessary to restrain yourself and try to do it as little as possible, just as it is essential to avoid irritating and crushing the pimples. Doing so exposes you to infections that can potentially cause even more pimples and skin irritation and hyperpigmentation.

5. Sweat as much as you can  

As well as being one of the most effective stress-fighting allies, physical exercise slows down the appearance of wrinkles and signs of expression. The reason? When we sweat we release toxins from the body and increase blood circulation, bringing more oxygen to the body. This means that we bring more nutrients to the body, also improving the state of the epidermis.

An infallible advice? Clean your skin immediately after doing physical activity: if you don’t have time to take a shower in the gym, rinse your face with fresh water to relieve inflammation and eliminate all bacteria to prevent them from being reabsorbed by the skin.

6. Replace and wash pillow cases at least once a week  

We know it is not pleasant to imagine. But it must be said: pillowcases and sheets absorb perspiration, dirt, dead cells and residual oils of the hair, in addition to some of the skin products we use. The bed, which is our best friend for at least part of the day, can therefore become a threatening incubator of microbes capable of causing blackheads and pimples.  

That is why it is necessary to wash the pillowcases and the sheets at least once a week and prefer pajamas with natural fabrics that let the skin breathe, such as the Biancamore buffalo milk casein. Any more advice? Replace synthetic pillowcases with silk ones: a smoother surface causes less friction during night movements … less friction, less wrinkles!

7. Take care of your liver too  

Taking care of your skin means much more than choosing the right creams and spreading them at the right times. Eating foods rich in antioxidants and vitamins is an imperative for anyone who wants a clean skin, so to get a clean skin … you also need to clean up your liver!  

How? First, increase the amount of broad-leafed vegetables, nuts, fruits such as blueberries, strawberries and oranges. Second: stay away from all processed and complex foods. Third: try to avoid foods that contain empty calories, that is those that are low in micronutrients such as vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidants. In essence, junk food that does not provide nourishment and weighs down the body.

8. Sleep well!   

Sleep is vital for each of us and, especially for our skin, regenerative sleep is good for us. Sleeping well every night avoids the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles, while sleepless nights cause the body to produce more stress hormone, cortisol. A lack of sleep can help to dehydrate the skin, make black circles appear around the eyelids and make unsightly dark circles appear.

9. Drink lots of water  

Skin hydration is very important due to its elasticity: this is why drinking at least 2 liters of water a day can be a valid help to obtain healthy skin.  

It is a simple habit, but it helps fight free radicals, giving brightness to the skin and reducing wrinkles and blemishes. Drinking water also promotes detoxification and purification of the blood, which is reflected in a clean and bright face.

10. Consult your dermatologist once a year  

Remember to treat your skin like any other organ and to book annual checks with the dermatologist: this simple trick can prevent mild and even more serious diseases, such as a skin cancer.  

In addition, check that there are no noticeable changes in the state of your skin, moles or irritations already present. If you notice any sudden change, book a visit now.


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