February 17, 2020

Biancamore face masks: a skin like Goddess commands


Modern cosmetic innovation combined with ancient beauty rituals has a new secret ingredient: the touch of the goddesses! We are talking about Biancamore face masks, all made with natural and super nutritious ingredients, inspired by the powers of the Goddesses of Ancient Greece.

For perfect skin, just give yourself 20 minutes of relaxation and wear one of our 4 face masks! Each has specific principles and purposes but all must be used:

  • On cleansed and cleansed face skin
  • For about 20 minutes

… and enjoy their fresh effect! But what specifically are Biancamore face masks? Keep reading!


Artemis: wrinkle hunt!

The Biancamore Artemide face mask, with collagen, deeply hydrates the skin and fights the signs of aging and wrinkles.

The condition of the skin, the elasticity and tone of the epidermis, the hydration of the tissues as well as the strengthening of bones and tendons depend on collagen. It is one of the fundamental components of the skin, since it acts as a structure: it represents 70% of its total weight, but from 25 years onwards the human body loses about 1.5% of it per year. For this reason, with the passage of time, hair loses body, bones strength, muscles vigor, nails become more fragile. In the long run, the joints and connective tissue are also affected, which is why movements become slower and sometimes painful.

The first organ to suffer from this is precisely the skin which begins to be marked by increasingly evident and deep wrinkles and to appear opaque, thin and less and less turgid. Accelerating the degradation of collagen are genetic factors, nutrition, smoking, exposure to sunlight, smog and stressful environmental and psychological conditions.

For this reason, nourishing the skin with products containing collagen helps stimulate its production and plump the skin layers to have a more toned and smoother skin. Our Artemide face mask, enriched with collagen, is particularly suitable for those who want a more toned and fuller skin, with a plumping effect.


Juno: a skin like Goddess Command

The Biancamore Giunone Face Mask is rich in hyaluronic acid, therefore it has an ideal anti-aging effect for those who need to reduce wrinkles and skin imperfections due to age.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally produced by our body and is the most important element of the connective tissue that fills the spaces between the cells. It is a very long, extremely soluble molecule, capable of binding many water molecules in dense grids that mainly have two functions:

  • Create a scaffold that maintains the shape and firmness of the skin
  • Act as a filter to prevent viruses and bacteria from circulating freely.

With age, the connective tissue becomes depleted of hyaluronic acid (and other substances), and the collagen and elastin fibers tend to degrade. The consequence is the “fall” of the skin and the formation of wrinkles. This is why replenishing hyaluronic acid from the outside guarantees optimal skin conservation.

To give turgidity and elasticity to the skin of your face and obtain an evident anti-aging effect, try our Juno face mask with hyaluronic acid!


Athena: war on Smog!

To influence the well-being of the skin, there are also numerous environmental factors such as smog: if you live in the city, you can consider the introduction of some products made to defend the epidermis from smog, such as our Athena face mask.

Its anti-smog effect is ensured by the tomato lycopene: it is an antioxidant substance particularly active in combating the damage caused by oxidizing molecules, especially those related to photo-induced aging, that is, that caused by excessive exposure to UVA solar radiation and UVB. Furthermore, laboratory tests have shown that lycopene is a natural antioxidant 100 times more powerful than vitamin E, which is why it is particularly effective in preventing the proliferation of free radicals.

The Athena mask works by protecting against all types of smog, from fine dust to smoke, helping to prevent the absorption of toxins that – in the long run – could damage the epidermis. For a moisturizing and anti-oxidant effect, and to protect the skin from smog and free radicals, try our Athena anti-smog mask!


Aphrodite: love at first sight!

Finally, our Aphrodite face mask is rich in bio-botox, which is why it is highly recommended if you wish to obtain a lifting effect on the skin of the face. What is biobotox? It is a gel in which the extract of Amcellella Olerace, an Amazonian plant capable of stimulating collagen production and making the skin firmer and more compact, is present. Biobotox is like a sort of vegetable botulinum that has a great immediate lifting power that lasts up to 24H.

The biobotox face mask Aphrodite reduces the signs of age, makes the skin compact, smooth and plumped!


made in italy face mask


Our face masks are available in the stores in Paestum and at Naples Capodichino Airport, as well as on our website!




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