July 16, 2020

Summer nights: 5 tips for sleeping well


Finally summer: sunny days. Romantic sunsets. Hot. Hot. And then again … hot. Someone love it and would move to the Equator to live happily and in swimsuit forever. Others would prefer a little breeze, a relaxing break below 20 degrees or a white cloud of encouragement in the midday sun. For those who can’t stand the heat, summer nights can turn into a relay of small naps interspersed with hours and hours with open eyes waiting for Morpheus. To enjoy a dream night even in the middle of August, what to do?

From practical remedies to tricks to relax your mind and body, here are 5 tips for sleeping well and longer in the heat. If in the summer the night brings you upset, follow at least one!

1.Spend more time outdoors

It is inevitable: the quality of our sleep definitely reflects that of our days. Spending all day indoors does not help to rest better: even if you are not on vacation, plan outdoor activities during the day, such as a walk in the park, a ride in the center, a few hours of city trekking.

Seeking contact with nature even in the city, helps the body and mind to reconnect with the rhythm of the seasons and find one’s own biorhythm. In addition, spending the day in the park or swimming pool helps to release excess tension and energy, which allows the body to feel tired and ready for a restful night’s sleep.

2.Exercise during the right hours

It’s not a secret: according to many experts, the best time to exercise is in the morning. Morning training brings the body to arrive in the evening with the right amount of fatigue and stress, which translates into a longer and deeper sleep.

Exercise is a form of stress for the body to which it responds by releasing hormones and increasing the production of adrenaline. What happens to those who train in the evening? The adrenaline produced by the body will be excessive and negatively affect sleep. If it is true therefore that exercise helps reduce stress and depression, it is also true that you have to choose the most suitable moments to do it: a morning run will guarantee your body the endorphins necessary to be on morale all day long … and sleep well at night!

3.Create a relaxing environment

To fall asleep faster, turn on the lights and … turn off the rest! It is proven that turning off all electronic devices at least 2 hours before bedtime will result in better sleep. Turn off the lights in the room and turn on a scented candle to create a relaxing atmosphere: the candle has a less dazzling light than artificial lights. The latter emit a high percentage of blue light which inhibits the secretion of melatonin, necessary to regulate sleep. The red light of the candle, on the other hand, promotes relaxation and helps you doze off. If you choose a scented candle, such as our Air or Water Candles, relax will also be guaranteed by the multisensory effect of fragrances related to nature uncontaminated Cilento.

To get a relaxing effect for the mind, try meditate by the light of a candle before going to sleep. And if your evening ritual includes a sofa and a movie, turn down all the lights, turn off the phone and enjoy the well-deserved relaxation!

4.Refreshes the body with moisturizing cream

In the heat, many stop using the body moisturizer. Nothing could be more wrong! Between long days at sea, running from work to an aperitif with friends and sweating while waiting for the tram, in summer the skin needs twice the hydration. Drinking a lot of water is not enough: you must always use moisturizing products for the most dehydrated areas of the body.

But if thinking about summer and moisturizing cream already makes you sweat twice as much, the solution exists and is (like all life’s solutions) in the fridge! Putting the moisturizer in the fridge will not compromise its properties but will ensure unparalleled freshness. Try this simple trick to perform an evening moisturizing massage starting from the feet and arriving on the legs: the circulation will thank you, and you will sleep with a feeling of extra freshness!

If, on the other hand, you want to treat yourself to a real moisturizing and relaxing ritual for the mind, discover the Biancamore body ritual!

5.Give yourself 5 minutes of Mindfulness

You came home late from work, you still have the adrenaline of the day on you and a load of washing machine and a lullaby for the little ones are waiting for you. Let’s face it: there are those who do not have time for body and meditation rituals, but still need to sleep well and recharge during the night. What to do?

In your evening routine, however chaotic, insert an action to be carried out in a completely mindful way: focus on the moment and your actions without thinking about anything else, and try to feel what is going on with all your senses.

The nice and practical thing about mindfulness is that it can relate to the actions you usually do: brush your teeth for 5 minutes, remove make-up, tidy up your home, prepare your bag for the next day. The important thing is to do it with the utmost attention without letting go of the mind. And if the trailer of your favorite mental movie starts up in your head, bring it back to reality by listing the 5 things you’re grateful for. You will go to sleep with a sense of greater relaxation, less agitation and you will be more inclined to sleep well all night long!

Ready to sleep?

Long nights of restful sleep help us to have more productive, relaxed and happy days. If your insomnia becomes chronic and is not due to heat or occasional stress, consult a specialist. If instead the long nights in white are a summer parenthesis, try our tips and adapt them to your lifestyle: sometimes just a little trick … to sleep with more serenity!



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