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From buffalo milk of Caseificio Barlotti to a perfect skin skin, a journey into the production of Biancamore!

5 wellness rituals around the world: from the buffalo milk bath to the Mayan temazcal

Our Biancamore line was born by bringing to light the ancient remedy of the bath in milk to give hydration and nourishment to the skin. But what are the other beauty rituals that have survived over the centuries in the world? Here are 5, some of which you can try to recreate at home to restore harmony between body and soul!

5 reasons to turn off your smartphone for a day ‚and even more!

There is a small gesture that we almost never do: turn off the smartphone. Why is it difficult? To be always available, do not miss the latest news and view a last minute invitation in time. Why should we do this at least once a week?

 5 tricks to create a meditation corner at home!

Meditating every day should reconnect with yourself and help you live better with the world. In theory. In practice: you never know where your favorite pillow is, your children always have something to ask you and your cat ends up mistaking you for a new comfortable armchair. And here the most relaxing moment of the day turns into a nightmare ... and even today, you relax tomorrow!

What minfulness is and how can it change your life.

What minfulness is and how can it change your life.

Wellness for the mind: 8 psychological and mental benefits of yoga!

More than a weekly appointment, yoga is a discipline that changes your life and helps you live it better from every point of view.

For those who practice it for some time it will not be a surprise, and for those who do not know it could be a motivation to give it a chance: yoga helps to find the balance... even of the mind! And science now has confirmed it: practicing yoga changes the mind for the better, at least in 8 ways!

Prepare your face for spring with a DIY cucumber purifying mask!

After winter, it is a good idea to gently awaken the skin of the face, free it of impurities and prepare it to fill up with sun and energy! Here is a DIY face mask that you can make in just a few steps, a real wellness ritual to give yourself to welcome spring‚ with an extra smile!

Meditation by the light of a scented candle:  here how it can change your day!