5 tricks to create a meditation corner at home!

Meditating every day should reconnect with yourself and help you live better with the world. In theory. In practice: you never know where your favorite pillow is, your children always have something to ask you and your cat ends up mistaking you for a new comfortable armchair. And here the most relaxing moment of the day turns into a nightmare ... and even today, you relax tomorrow!

Creating the perfect place to meditate or practice yoga at home seems as difficult as achieving Nirvana. Yet, to do so, you don't have to practice with the Dalai Lama, or buy a super penthouse in Manhattan or plant the Amazon rainforest in your garden.

To transform a small corner of your home into the ideal place to meditate, you just need a few small tricks and a moment of pure inspiration!

1. Choose a room or a corner that makes you happy!

Trivial advice? Not exactly! Often we are so caught up in the everyday routine that we forget to observe the environment around us and listen to the sensations it transmits to us. Explore the house using all your senses: in which room do you really feel relaxed?

The perfect space for meditation can have soft lighting or be bathed in the sun, be minimalist and modern or totally ethnic and colorful, in the bedroom or in the garden, in the living room or in a separate room. How to recognize it? It is a piece of the world that, regardless of everything, makes you feel at peace with yourself EVERY TIME!

As Sara DiVello, famous meditation teacher and author of many best sellers on the subject, teaches, "it's like looking for prince charming: sometimes you have to kiss a few toads before you find the right one! But when you manage to make meditation enjoyable by creating a space quiet and inviting, you will be ready to get back to practice as soon as possible! "

A really essential requirement? Whether it has a window or a balcony nearby - breathing is an important component of meditation, so a change of air is essential!

2. Personalize your space!

To make your meditation easier and more immediate, customize the angle you have chosen with light points, cushions, crystals, photos of your natural element or places you feel you belong to. Or not: if you feel that the space for yoga, mindfulness exercises and meditation must be completely free from all elements, leave everything out and make sure that you are the only one to enter it!

3. Add a touch of nature.

As minimal as it may be, adding a natural element to your meditation space will certainly make it more harmonious and help you reconnect with nature.

The most suitable plants for meditation are undoubtedly bamboo, ficus, Chinese or Japanese elm and maple, even in bonsai for those who do not have large spaces. Among the indoor Zen plants, succulents such as Haworthia or Echeveria Aloe are perfect, which are almost totally thornless and therefore excellent for transmitting peace, calm and relaxation. And if you want a touch of color, you can also opt for the queen of Zen plants, the orchid!

4. Find the right frequency.

If you just close your eyes, a truck goes by. If at the first deep breath the neighbors' child begins to cry non-stop. And if the phone rings on the second breath ... getting to the third could be difficult!

While music and sounds are not strictly necessary for meditation, they can be useful for covering up traffic noise or any background in the home. In order not to use your smartphone during meditation and silence it for at least an hour, you can introduce a natural noise generator into your meditation space. A little useful trick, even if you simply want to read a book or draw or relax listening to Niagara Falls even in the center of Milan!

5. Pamper the senses.

If you love to meditate by candlelight, you can achieve a multisensory effect by adding scented candles to your meditation space! If you need relaxation, choose light and calming fragrances, while if meditation is focused on awakening body and mind you can focus on more decisive and energetic fragrances. In any case, opt for candles with natural fragrances such as Biancamore candles, entirely made in Italy and inspired by the perfumes of Cilento:

  • Air, fresh and light like the southern breeze;
  • Water, inspired by the scent of a sunny day in the Mediterranean;
  • Fire, with an intense and decisive fragrance.

6. Choose an outfit just for meditation.

Now that your meditation space is ready ... get ready too! Don't worry, you absolutely don't have to get in gear to meditate or do yoga, but selecting clothes in which you feel comfortable immediately prepares you for a great session!

An advice? Choose organic materials and breathable fabrics to oxygenate even the skin, such as our milk fiber t-shirts: an innovative fabric obtained from milk casein, transformed into fiber thanks to innovative bioengineering techniques and a sustainable and eco-friendly. A cuddle for your skin ... which can finally breathe with you!

Ready to meditate? In Western culture, the "sacred" spaces to reconnect with oneself are traditionally located outside. Creating one at home, as in many Eastern traditions, can help you practice meditation more often and improve your lifestyle ... even in the noisiest apartment buildings!

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