5 reasons to turn off your smartphone for a day ‚and even more!

Daily pampering, healthy food, weekend in SPA, wellness programs ... the things you plan to find harmony between body and mind are so many!

Yet, there is a small gesture that we almost never do: turn off the smartphone. Why is it difficult? To be always available, do not miss the latest news and view a last minute invitation in time. Why should we do this at least once a week?

Because by turning off your smartphone you can:

Be exactly where you are!

One of the advantages of smartphones is to connect with the world, involving you in events that are very far away. But how distracting is it from what's going on around you? You don't follow a friend's speech to see the latest notification, you totally step outside the train ride to follow the latest trending hashtag on Twitter and, amidst nudges and warnings, even diving into the plot of a movie becomes an impossible feat. Enter aerial mode to take a journey into reality ... and focus on how nuanced it is!

Have more time for yourself!

Stop for a moment and think: How much time do you spend replying to comments, messages and group chats? And if from 8pm onwards you turned off the phone, from wellness rituals to your hobbies, how many things could you do for yourself?

Sleep better

Several researches show that sleeping without electronic devices in the room helps to have a more effective rest. Not only that: even looking at the screen before falling asleep prevents the brain from relaxing properly. The solution? Read a book before falling asleep and buy an analog alarm clock ... in honor of vintage furniture!

Disconnect from work

Thanks to smatphones we are reachable anytime and anywhere ... for anyone! To really disconnect from work, first unplug your electronic devices and postpone work to Monday: not thinking about it at the weekend could help you be even more productive during the week!

Really listen to others!

While writing funny messages at the most unlikely hours is a feature of the most beautiful friendships, it's more important to make eye contact and really be there! Put technology aside, call your best friends and organize a free smartphone evening: you will find yourself talking and feeling in touch with each other more than you imagine!

Doesn't checking your smartphone at regular intervals seem too difficult? Try doing it step by step: an hour, a night, then a day ... and maybe, on your next trip, you'll find that your train travel neighbor isn't that bad!

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