5 wellness rituals around the world: from the buffalo milk bath to the Mayan temazcal

Country you go ... ritual you find!

Our Biancamore line was born by bringing to light the ancient remedy of the bath in milk to give hydration and nourishment to the skin. But what are the other beauty rituals that have survived over the centuries in the world? Here are 5, some of which you can try to recreate at home to restore harmony between body and soul!

1 - The Lomi Lomi of Hawaii

The islands of Hawaii are not a haven of relaxation only thanks to their unparalleled beauty. In fact, in the heart of the Pacific, a ritual is born that can restore the balance between body and mind, whose secret is well guarded by indigenous peoples: the Lomi Lomi massage. It is a real shamanic ritual in which, traditionally, primordial forces come into play that are symbolized by touch, dance and a rhythmic and sensual movement capable of infusing new strength to those who undergo it. It is no coincidence that it is called Soul massage: it has the effect of relaxing the muscles and loosening the joints, relaxing, toning and reactivating the circulation.

2 - Japanese Hanakasumi

The ancient body treatments of the Japanese culture are ideal to remove the stress to which we are subjected every day. One of the most effective, although extraordinarily sweet, is Hanakasumi: an ancient ritual that combines body care with deep relaxation of the mind. Its purpose is to rehydrate the skin thanks to the application of a delicate exfoliant based on rice and cherry blossoms, a massage at the base of the feet and a body massage. Finally, to moisturize the skin, shea butter is applied while the feet are wrapped in a warm towel. More than a massage, a sensory journey able to put you back in the world!

3 - The Hammam ritual

Also known as a Turkish bath, the hammam is today a very popular treatment in which East and West meet. The steam stimulates the elimination of toxins and dead skin, reactivates the circulation and regenerates the skin thanks to a multisensory path that alternates hot and cold environments, lights and shadows. The phases of the hammam, in fact, include purification, scrub (exfoliating) and toning the body. The ritual is easily replicable even at home: just recreate the atmosphere and use the right products, such as the Buffalo Milk Body Scrub for the scrub phase, able to gently exfoliate with natural elements and without parabens.

4 - Indian Ayurveda

More than a ritual in its own right, Ayurveda is a real natural medicine born in India more than five thousand years ago that uses essential oils, rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Ayurvedic rituals are many, but they use all essential oils that can affect general well-being through specific blends with calming, energizing or balancing properties. Plus, they create a protective barrier for the skin, keeping environmental toxins and free radicals away. Particularly in massages, oils are the vector that transmits energy from the therapist's hands to the patient's body. Usually dill, calamus, cinnamon, carrot, coriander, cumin or turmeric are used to purify the skin, then fennel, lavender, lemon, lemon balm, nutmeg or oregano to remove the accumulation of toxins and carry out a draining and antioxidant action. And to positively affect the mind? Nothing better than mint, chamomile, coconut, sandalwood and jojoba!

5 - The temazcal of the Maya

Temazcal is one of the treatments based on the rites of the Mayan civilization and exploits its ancient herbal knowledge. It is a particular Turkish bath performed in special domes inside which hot stones, often volcanic, are placed, on which water is poured so that a cloud of steam is generated.

Usually, aromatic herbs with healing properties are added to the water. This treatment has the power to relax the muscles and the nervous system, stimulates the digestive and respiratory systems and promotes the expulsion of excess fats and toxins. Replicating temazcal at home can be really difficult, but to get rid of toxins from your body you can always take a detox bath at home!


The wellness rituals in the world are innumerable, but they all have a single purpose: to rebalance mind and body.

The most interesting aspect? Undoubtedly personalization: everyone, starting from their own mental and physical needs, can adapt the ritual and make it accessible, daily and absolutely suitable for their daily life.

Tell us what your wellness ritual is!

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