Meditation by the light of a scented candle:  here how it can change your day!

Meditation is a great way to help concentration and learn how to handle with stress.

But have you ever tried to illuminate your daily meditation with the light of a candle?

Here's how this little gesture can take your everyday ritual to a new level!

1.Watching the light of a candle is relaxing...

If meditation is part of your wellness rituals, you will be familiar with mantras or with mental visualization techniques. Lighting a candle and meditating with light, however, can help you focus on something physical rather than on the rhythm of words. The simple observation of the burning flame helps to relax and forget the stress of the day.

The calming effect of the candle is due to the less dazzling light compared to the artificial ones as well as to its slow movement: the light sources whose spectrum contains a percentage of natural red light can relax more than those with a high percentage of blue light (computer, tv).

A high percentage of blue light inhibits the secretion of melatonin, necessary for good sleep regulation. That's why lighting a candle in the evening helps relaxation: thanks to the high percentage of red light, the body can secrete the melatonin, while reading a book and slowly falls asleep.

To get the most out of the simple gesture of lighting a candle, just turn off or turn down all the other lights and let the candles light illuminate the room. If you suffer from disorders of concentration, anxiety or stress, staring at the flame of a candle from a short distance (for few minutes) could give you much relief: the mind is calm and takes a feeling of relaxation, just as an ancient yoga technique teaches.

2. Choosing a scented candle lights up all the other senses...

For a multisensory effect, you can choose scented candles: the aroma released will also be able to relax the body! The trick is to choose candles with natural scents, such as Biancamore candles entirely made in Italy and inspired by the scents of Cilento:

  • Air, fresh and light as the breeze of the South;
  • Water, inspired by the scent of a sunny Mediterranean day;
  • Fire, with an intense and decisive fragrance.

For a perfect candle meditation, you can choose the fragrance by the effect you want to achieve. If you need relaxation, choose light and calming fragrances, if meditation is focused on the awakening of body and mind you can focus on more decisive and energetic fragrances.

3. A few minutes of meditation a day for a better life.

If you have never meditated by the light of a candle, there is always time to start! First of all, choose a room in which you will not be disturbed, with an optimal temperature for your body; lower the lights and:

  • Place the candle in front of you, at the height of your eyes or slightly lower, more or less 50 cm away;
  • Sit down in your favorite position (on a chair, on the ground, cross-legged ... in short: as you prefer!);
  • Simply, look at the candle light and let its image take over your whole mind.

Ok, this last part is certainly easier said than done: your mind will be captured by the flow of habitual thoughts (things to do, positive and negative emotions ...). The secret is to start step by step and set a stopwatch: from a few minutes in the first days to 15/20 minutes as you feel to master the mind.

An important part of meditation is imagination, so when you feel ready, imagine:

  • To inhale and exhale the candle light;
  • Absorb and release its heat with your breath.

At the end of meditation, remember to gratefully welcome the sense of purification that comes from the light and heat of the candle.

4. Handle the candles carefully!

Meditation with candles has no contraindications, but remember:

  • do not create a too relaxing environment: run the risk of falling asleep with the candle lit!
  • Turn off the candle before leaving the room;
  • Do not leave the candle burning in the presence of animals or children or with open windows;
  • Do not place flammable materials near the candle.

5. Carrying out time for yourself can warm your heart...

Spending at least 10 minutes a day to your well-being is a habit that can improve your lifestyle. Create small rituals to prepare for the day or welcome the evening: the first morning sun salutation, a warm bath for the evening, a moment of meditation: if you add the light of a scented candle to these brief rituals, you will create the right atmosphere for a real detox moment!

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