Milk Fiber T-Shirt: skin-friendly wellness!

Every day you take care of your skin by giving it the right attention. But have you ever thought that the fabrics you wear also contribute to your well-being? The skin absorbs and takes in air, light and heat: it supplies energy to our body and at the same time helps eliminate toxins.

Some synthetic fabrics derive from organic compounds such as oil, methane or coal: they are cheap, do not felts and do not need special care but, not being composed of natural living fibers, they do not allow the passage of moisture naturally produced by our body. This is why, for example, sleeping between synthetic sheets can hinder bodily functions by not allowing the skin to breathe.

The solution? Choose natural fabrics for clothing and furnishings and take a look at new fibers made from natural elements, such as milk fiber.

It is an innovative fabric obtained from milk casein, transformed into fiber thanks to innovative bioengineering techniques and a sustainable and eco-friendly recycling process. Starting from the industrial surpluses of the food sector, casein is separated from the whey, isolated, denatured and subsequently transformed into fiber. The fiber is spun and the yarn thus obtained is transformed into fabric.

The result is an innovative and resistant fabric but also soft and light, able to take care of the skin giving it a pleasant sensation of freshness and well-being.

Where to buy milk fiber t-shirts? In our Biancamore Store in Paestum or on our e-shop!

Available in different sizes for adults and children, they complete your wellness rituals for the body with a gentle caress that lasts all day!

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