There are black and white stories.
And then there is Biancamore, the new history of well-being.

At the origin of beauty

It all starts with milk. Pure, genuine, nutritious. The nectar of life, produced by buffaloes in an uncontaminated place: Paestum, where ancient traditions come to life every day through simple gestures and where, to become a child again, just get lost in the scent of milk.

The rediscovery of an ancient remedy

Right here, expecting my first child and looking for a natural remedy for my irritated skin, I decided to immerse myself in a tub of warm water and buffalo milk. In every story there is truth and, like the women of the past who used milk to nourish the skin, I too found relief thanks to the regenerating bath. From there, the intuition: to transform this natural remedy into a promise of well-being for all.

Wellness is a new story

And the promise was kept. Adding the experience of the Barlotti family, dedicated to the breeding of buffaloes since the early 1900s, to modern cosmetic innovation, my brother Pasquale and I have gone from the rediscovery of an ancient remedy to the realization of an entrepreneurial project. And it was enough to combine the rigor of research with the lightness of a dream, to transform the genuineness of buffalo milk into the ideal formula for all skin types.

Daniela Senatore

In the north I stole pragmatism and rigor, in the south creativity and desire to dream. From these ingredients the natural beauty products based on buffalo milk were born.

My name is Daniela, I was born in the province of Salerno, I graduated in Economics in Milan and I have worked around the world in the field of cosmetics. Love transforms everything: happy as ever, I decided to return to my South, to Paestum. And after years of metropolitan life, I rediscovered the little pleasures of life: reading a book in the silence of nature, watching the sunset over the sea, walking on the shoreline, taking a hot bath and recharging the batteries… seriously!

And it was precisely the proximity to the immense historical heritage of Paestum, with traditional agriculture and local buffalo farms, with genuine foods and flavors, that triggered in me the desire to create something that enclosed this small and wonderful universe . Passion, study and research in collaboration with my brother Pasquale did the rest.

Thus was born, and grows, Biancamore. A line of quality products, but also an oasis of well-being for those who want to take a regenerating break, dedicate time and take care of themselves starting with simple gestures. To take refuge with the mind in natural and relaxing landscapes and rediscover those lost sensations. Like the purity of a buffalo milk bath.

Pasquale Senatore

My name is Pasquale Senatore, I was born in the province of Salerno and I graduated in Economics of Financial Markets at the Bocconi University in Milan.

My passion for the subjects covered during the university period led me to have different experiences in the space of a few years, all very formative: from a bank to a financial boutique, from an experience in the USA to the period in an investment fund. A path that introduced me to people with different ideas, backgrounds and languages, linked together by the ability to work as a team and to converge, with different skills, in the same direction.

Despite the experiences and people I met during my journey, there was always a strong desire to create something that spoke about me and that would unite my homeland "Campania Felix" to the one that formed me, Milan. Infected by the passion and intuition of my sister Daniela, I decided to embark on a new path. Finally my project, Biancamore.