Face Cleanser + Face Serum

150 ml

30 ml



FACE CLEANSER: gently and deeply cleanses the skin of the face, leaving a pleasant sensation of softness. It is rich in lactobionic acid, able to protect tissues from oxidative damage caused by free radicals and promote hydration. In addition to deeply cleansing, it frees the skin of the face from harmful substances deriving from environmental pollution.

FACE SERUM: thanks to the tonic and astringent properties of Lemon Water from certified organic farming and the collagen-stimulating power of lactobionic acid, it has a smoothing effect capable of improving skin texture. Furthermore, it contains Salicylic Acid which helps to exfoliate the skin, controls the production of sebum and protects the skin from bacterial aggression. The buffalo milk serum is also rich in lactic acid which, naturally produced by our skin, is well tolerated by the epidermis, and is able to stimulate the regeneration of mature, impure or blemished skin, promoting cell turnover. The use of buffalo milk whey, derived from the upcycling of the vegetation water in which dairy products are produced, makes the ILLUMINA Face Serum a product that is not only extremely effective on the skin but also has a low ecological impact and comes from a circular economy.


Ideal for all skin types. Particularly suitable for those with dry and/or dehydrated skin. Also suitable for mature or particularly sensitive skin.


Use this face combo every day: you will notice more hydrated and luminous skin


Once/twice a day


Lactobionic acid, preserves the balance of the skin and protects it from external factors Hyaluronic acid, prevents water loss by slowing down the aging process Natural oils, which help restore the hydrolipidic layer leaving the skin soft and hydrated