From buffalo milk of Caseificio Barlotti to a perfect skin skin, a journey into the production of Biancamore!

Wellness has a new story. And it is all thanks to buffalo milk, able to nourish the skin with its exceptional qualities.

But what makes Biancamore so special?

To find out, here is a journey from the origin of our products ... to your perfect skin!

Where does Biancamore's milk come from?

From simple gestures, handed down over the centuries. From an eco-sustainable farm, located in an uncontaminated environment rich in fertile lands: the Barlotti Farm located between the Archaeological Park of Paestum, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the oldest farms in an area that has always been populated by buffalo herds: once kept in the semi-wild state, the buffaloes were used to plow the land as well as milk milking. Starting from the 1600s, the first bufalare are buildt with a circular shape and with a central path around which, under the expert eye of a "Mastro Casaro", the milk of buffalo was transformed into ricotta, cheese, mozzarella, provola.

Even today, the breeding of the Azienda Agricola Barlotti follows the natural rhythms of the animals, ensuring the welfare of the animals and the respect of the ecosystem, all thanks to constant innovation that encompasses only the best of the most genuine rural tradition.

Is it here that the Biancamore bufala milk is milked and ... then?

From milk to Biancamore skin products ... without petrol and nickel tested!

Once milked, the buffalo milk is processed and combined with other natural products: pomegranate, olive oil, jojoba oil, myrtle, oats. It is precisely from the mix of lactobionic acid of buffalo milk with other organic substances and products from the Cilento area that creams and detergents are obtained that can nourish the skin in a completely natural way!

In fact, the Biancamore products are not added petrols or substances harmful to the skin; in addition, they are nickel tested! 

With transparency, each product reports the infinitesimal percentage of nickel present for the contamination of raw materials, for this reason they are also suitable for the most sensitive or easily irritable skins. This is how we have transformed the genuineness of buffalo milk into the ideal formula for all skin types.

A curiosity? The Detergent and the Buffalo Milk Body Cream are perfect even for children aged three and up.

Two genuine products, ideal for the wellbeing of the skin of the whole family! Made in Italy for your skin!

Once created, Biancamore products are packaged in Italy with packaging made exclusively by local companies: this makes Biancamore an Italian excellence at every step of the supply chain.

Made in Italy that is good for the skin ... quickly became very popular abroad!

Biancamore products abroad

With the all-Italian trip to Biancamore we fly across the oceans exclusively for distribution. Yes, because in addition to selling at the Casa Biancamore store in Paestum, in different perfumeries in Italy and on our online store, Biancamore products are also available in New York at the Eataly Stores.

From an ancient remedy ... to the wellness of the skin!

An uncontaminated territory, the eco-friendly buffalo farming of the Barlotti farm and the cosmetic innovation that starts from the most genuine products. The Biancamore production is all here, in love for natural well-being!

To find out about all the Biancamore skin care products, click here!

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