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The Pomegranate / The White Pomegranate
All the goodness and beauty of the world are born from a single fruit. It shows the colors of the earth, the strength of the myth and the seeds of love. It is bitter and sweet, it’s only one and a myriad together. Venerated by the ancient Greeks, cultivated in our Paestum, today it is a symbol of beauty that is renewed under the sign of well-being. Biancamore.

Nicola Craba
Multifaceted artist, lover of the lathe and ceramic of Paestum. He was born in Nuremberg in 1983 and, after living in Trento, he returned to Cilento, the mother’s land of origin. In Paestum, he becomes student of Sergio Vecchio and Bruna Alfieri. Its growth is matured ingenuity, independent training, limitless creativity and pure empathy. After having participated in various social projects, he dedicated himself to his original Ceramì project.

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