Energy, lightness, well-being. Everything starts from the head!

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Our Haircare ritual with buffalo milk, helps you to soften your thoughts! It is ideal for obtaining soft, clean and light hair without damaging the scalp:

Buffalo milk shampoo - cleanser
Buffalo milk balm - moisturizing
Microfiber Turban - reduces drying timing.

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Apply the Biancamore buffalo milk shampoo on wet and water-rich hair, massage for a few minutes and rinse well. Repeat the application and proceed with the application of the Biancamore buffalo milk conditioner. Leave on for 2-3 minutes and rinse. Warnings: avoid contact with eyes. Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of the reach of children. Finally, for delicate drying, the microfiber hair turban, thanks to its dense fibers, absorbs water and halves drying timing. Practical and delicate, it makes hair healthier and shinier in a short time. Ideal for both long and short hair.
A cuddle for your hair, a soft wind-chime for you!


Ideal for all hair types. Particularly suitable for those with dry scalp and hair, to be moisturized. Ideal for the whole family!

  • hydration of the scalp
  • very soft, shiny and light hair
  • the ability to use for frequent washing
  • immediate relief on the scalp
  • the natural scent of milk
  • drying times halved
  • healthier hair
  • the versatility of an ideal product for the whole family